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Grid view

pls can reduce the amount of vertical space taken by the output, thus reducing the amount of strolling required, by placing the node names in a grid instead of a column.


--grid/-g can be used to turn the grid mode on or off. Grid mode is turned off by default because it reduces the amount of info shown per file.

The direction of the grid can be changed with the --down/-D flag.

All these incompatibilities are the reason why the grid view is not the default view.


Terminal window
pls # or --grid=false or -g=false

​  file_abcd   file_efgh   file_ijkl 󰌹 .file_mnop@ 󰁔 file_abcd

Terminal window
pls --grid=true # or -g=true

​  file_abcd file_efgh   file_ijkl 󰌹 .file_mnop@