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pls accepts contributions in many forms, ranging from direct code contributions to sponsorships.

  • Reporting bugs

    Reporting bugs helps make pls more stable and reliable. If you find a bug, or if something breaks, please open an issue.

  • Suggesting features

    pls aims to be a capable alternative to ls(1). If a feature you need is absent from pls , please open an issue.

  • Submitting code

    We welcome your code contributions towards bug fixes, new features and other enhancements at our GitHub repository.

  • Writing docs

    If you can improve this documentation, please do so. The docs are co-located with the code inside the docs/ directory.

  • Starring the repo

    Be sure to star the GitHub repo as a gesture of appreciation if pls is an improvement to your workflow.

  • Spreading the word

    If you like pls , you should tell your friends, post about it to social media and convince others to try it.

  • Sponsoring me

    You can sponsor me, or another contributor, to contribute to pls in any of the ways above.