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pls can show the sizes of files in three unit systems.

  • binary, which uses higher powers of 2 such as 210 as kibi (Ki), 220 as mibi (Mi) etc.
  • decimal, which users higher powers of 10 such as 103 as kilo (k), 106 as mega (M) etc.
  • none, which lists the exact number of bytes (B) as is.


--unit/-u can be used to set the unit system to use. pls uses the binary unit system by default.


Terminal window
pls --det=size # or --unit=binary or --u=binary

Size Name 1.0 MiB a 1.0 MiB b 1.0 MiB c

Terminal window
pls --det=size --unit=decimal # or --u=decimal

Size Name 1.0 MB a 1.0 MB b 1.0 MB c

Terminal window
pls --det=size --unit=none # or --u=binary

Size Name 1048589 B a 1048589 B b 1048589 B c



Using the configuration system, you can modify the appearance of size magnitude, prefix and base unit.

See the detail view configuration for an example.